dear crys,


i was trying to mail you, but then i thought it'll take too much time
yeah i lost my dignity to internet, finally
today is dec.3, i'm in Taoyuang alone
it's good to run away from the nagging sometimes
oh and i bought an i-touch, but i won't get it until dec.15
i will try to tax you after i have it. i heard it's possible, but i'm not sure
anyway, i emailed to say
i met someone special
as you know(or i forgot to tell you?), i'm in the volleyball team now, as a manager
and she's the vice captain.
 i start to give her rides to school as soon as i found out she's also my neighbor.
i even lent her my scooter the second day i got it
i just can't say no to this girl
i'll wait for her practice done until 11pm so i can give her a ride home
although i can just go home at 8
i think im in love
and she lives in Jingmei, too. what a coincident
the worst thing is  i think she isn't like me     you know
i think she won't accept me if i told her my feelings
i miss you
i need someone to talk about this thing
love and hugs, 


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